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♫ Maybe I'm the one who is the schizophrenic psycho.

Maybe I'm the one who is the the paranoid flake-o. ♫

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||The Master||The Program||
→She can make everything magical
QUOTE::I am the Ice Demon.
→To back in the days when we were young
HOBBIES::writing, reading, role-playing, playing video games
FAVORITES::strawberry sundaes, pizza, shrimp gumbo, hot sauce, mexican, chinese, japan, ireland, italy, firenze, tigers, hawks, eagles, falcons, foxes, wolves, snakes, dragons, gryphons, vampires, motorcycles, muscle sports cars, soundtracks, metallica, the scorpions, queen, queensrÿche, skid row, nirvana, sixx a.m., daft punk, the glitch mob, romano orzari, dan shor, tom hiddleston, clark gregg, seamus dever, castle, leverage, firefly, the avengers: earth's mightest heroes, loki, agent coulson, iron man, spider-man
VIDEO GAMES:: Alan Wake, Army of Two, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Chrono Trigger, Dead Space, Devil May Cry, F.E.A.R., Final Fantasy VII, Gears of War, Halo, Kingdom Hearts II, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, Metroid, Ōkami, Persona 2: Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment, Portal, Rainbow Six, Secret of Mana, Skyrim, Star Fox, Zelda
MOVIES:: Aliens, American Outlaw, The Avengers, Blown Away, Brave, Captain America, The Dark Knight, Equilibrium, Face/Off, Ice Age, Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Last Hit Man, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Monsters Inc., The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Rock, Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars Trilogy (Original), Strange Behavior, Taken, Thor, Transformers, TRON, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, WALL-E, Wolves in the Snow
BOOKS:: American Gods, The Deathgate Cycle Series, Devil May Cry, Dracula, Dragonlance Series, Gears of War, Halo, Ryanverse (Tom Clancy), Valdemar Series, Vampire Hunter D, Wallander
→When everything was like a loaded gun
LOVES::books, speed, racing, motorcycles, my few and far between friends, my brother, my father, my mother
→Ready to go off at any minute
DISLIKES::slow people in the fast lane, stupid people, pricks/asshats, coconut, pineapple, okra, squash, most of my extended family members
HATES::roaches, really really stupid people, really rude pricks/asshats, good food cooked really bad
FEARS::roaches, growing too old
→I'm the one who is the schizophrenic psycho
justabitoffun || Loki from Thor Marvel Cinematic Universe

A full character and journal list is here.
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agent phil coulson, alan bradley, alastor, altaïr, assassin's creed, bahamut, bakumatsu, baofu, batman, billy the kid, bioshock, bloodomen, bob agent of hydra, bullseye, captain keyes, castlevania, cerberus, china, chinese history, clark gregg, clu, clu 2.0, cortana, d&d, dan shor, dante, deadpool, demonology, demons, detective jonah newman, devil may cry, devils, dmc, dominic santiago, double discs, dracula, dragonlance, dragons, dungeons & dragons, dynasty warriors, eagles, ephemeral bonds, equilibrium, escaflowne, ezio, falcons, fanfiction, ff7, ffvii, fight for the users, final fantasy, firenze, fizban, flynn lives, force edge, foxes, garrus vakarian, gears of war, giovanni auditore, goddamnit la volpe, going-to-italy-next-year, gryphons, gundam wing, halo, hawks, helios, ifrit, iron man, italia, japan, japanese history, john preston, kaiden alenko, kain, kaleido star, katsura kogoro, katsuya suou, kevin flynn, legacy of kain, light cycles, loki, lol sniper rifle, lora baines, lorenzo de' medici, magic, making icons, marcus fenix, marvel, masamune, mass effect, master chief, materia, mercedes lackey, mythology, nanaki, nelo angelo, not the logic probe!!!, odysseus, persona, phantom, private carmine, psycho french-speaking italian-canadian hitman, rainbow six, ram, raptors, raziel, reading, realm of the invisible, red xiii, reno, rinzler, romano orzari, roy kleinberg, rpg, rude, rufus shinra, seamus dever, secret of mana, sephiroth, sergeant johnson, shin megami tensei, shinra, shinsengumi, shiva, soul reaver, space paranoids, sparda, spider-man, taskmaster, the death gate cycle, tigers, tom clancy, tom hiddleston, trish, tron, tron: legacy, turks, user-believer, valdemar, vampire hunter d, vampires, vergil, video games, who says fuck-o?, wolves, writing, yamato, yelling at the gps, yori, zackattack