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♫ Maybe I'm the one who is the schizophrenic psycho.
Maybe I'm the one who is the the paranoid flake-o. ♫
We Are Falling 
27th-Nov-2012 09:01 pm - Kennings (for Loki)
White Hawk
Many of the figures in Norse mythology are known by several different names, as well as different phrases that describe them (called kennings). The following is a list of some that refer to Loki, and I will update the post accordingly as I find or am informed of others. A lot of the kennings provided by Snorri are found nowhere else, and are somewhat inconsistent, so I only included a few.

Loki’s Names: Bekki, Blind, Gammleid (leader of amusement), Haloge, Hvedrung (roarer), Lodur, Logaþore, Loge, Lôgna, Logi, Lokkji, Lopt (lofty), Sataere

Loki’s Kennings: brother of Byleistr, brother of Helblindi, blood brother of Odin, confidant of Thor, friend of Odin, friend of Thor, fromkveda flaerdanna (seductive speaking), gift bearer, harmer of Sif’s hair, laugaz (blazing god), laugatjanaz (blazing one), prisoner of Geirrodr, rogur (slanderer), scar lip, sea thread’s father (the sea thread is a kenning for the Midgard serpent), sky walker, slaegi (sly), slaegurtyr (sly god), staunch friend of Hoenir, thief of brisingamen, thief of giants, thief of Idunn’s apples, vaelandi (debasing), villi-eldr (blazing), wolf’s father

Bonus: One kenning used to identify Thor is bragdmilldr Loka (compassionate to Loki)

--found at loki-in-myth @ tumblr

Skaldic Poetry Project
The Many Kennings of Loki
Odin's Volk: Loki's Page
AzAsatru: The Aesir
Some more tumblr stuff
HeathenGods.com - Lokkji origin

Godchecker.com: Loki's Page
Norse Mythology A to Z (googledoc)
Loki's Life in Jotunheimr also written by loki-in-myth @tumblr
Loki's Children by Angrboða
Possible Meanings of Loki's Names
...I might as well just get a tumblr to follow them at this rate. Oh dear.
31st-May-2012 03:34 pm - Avengers = Pheels
Watch at your own risk?Collapse )

All the Pheels. Clips are from Thor and Iron Man 2.
But God if you haven't seen the Avengers yet--what is wrong with you!?
24th-May-2012 11:57 pm - Data Compile [part1]
Frost Crouch
Getting rid of some old links in my favorites list. I have way too many and it makes finding things ridiculous. Not to mention I just don't need most of these things anymore. But just in case of future reference... I'll start a list.

Starting with TRON related items.

Read more...Collapse )
24th-Apr-2012 06:23 pm - Clark Gregg PBS Interview

Watch Actor-writer-director Clark Gregg on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

Just let me love this man forever. He's precious in so many varying ways. :D
1st-Apr-2012 03:13 am - Fus Ro Dah
If this were real I would totally get it. I mean, I would prefer a female version but hey. Something like this should be real.

Yeah, I'm a dork. What of it?
15th-Mar-2012 10:43 pm - L'Odyssée de Cartier
I've watched this like five times in a row now. It's a gorgeous little film.
Technically it's an ad. But it tells a little story. And it has the most beautiful scenery and fantastical settings and creatures. It's pretty.

4th-Mar-2012 04:31 am - Jeremy Renner and UNMAS

Now that I've caught your attention with the friendly actor and adorable puppies, here's the video it came from. I suggest a full watch. It's educational.

It really is.

29th-Sep-2011 10:59 pm - Secret Agent Man
bored [im]
[40] Iron Man Movie—Agent Coulson

Just call us SHIELD.Collapse )
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