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Data Compile [part1]

Getting rid of some old links in my favorites list. I have way too many and it makes finding things ridiculous. Not to mention I just don't need most of these things anymore. But just in case of future reference... I'll start a list.

Starting with TRON related items.

TRON (1982)
Official things:
--Official Cindy Morgan Website--Tron photos
--Official Cindy Morgan Website--ComicCon2009 photos

Fan compiled material:
--Complete set of screencaps for download
--Fanfiction--Illegal Entry

TRON: Evolution
Fan compiled material:
--Dictionary of Programs, Places, Items, Etc. taken straight from the game itself

TRON: Legacy
ARG material:
--Flynn Lives
--Flynn Frontier
--Hello Flynn
--Arcade Aid
--Space Paranoids Online

Written Articles:
--Interview on the Graphics for Legacy.
--Lightcycles and "What's Next for the Franchise" :: haha. should reread to see how accurate it still is.

Fan compiled material:
--Complete set of screencaps
--Article--Biodigital Jazz, Man

--Computer Dictionary :: came in handy for RP lol
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